About Us

Quinte Adult Education programs are available to adults who are 18+ yrs and not enrolled in any other full-time program. We offer several ways to obtain high school credits and upgrade your skills.

We are located in Belleville, Ontario.

Diploma requirements

Students who have been registered in an Ontario Secondary School are entitled to complete their diploma requirements under the system in which they started.

  • Students registered prior to 1983, need 13 compulsory credits and a total of 27 credits.
  • Students registered from 1983 to 1998, need 16 compulsory credits and a total of 30 credits.
  • Students registered from 1999 to present, need 18 compulsory credits and a total of 30 credits, including an English from each grade, plus 1 Grade 11 or higher Math.  They also are required to meet the provincial literacy requirements and 40 hours of community involvement activities.