Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is the formal evaluation and credit-granting process through which mature students may obtain credits for prior learning - the knowledge and skills that adults have acquired, in both formal and informal ways, outside secondary school.

Through PLAR, it may be possible for an adult student to earn credits towards an OSSD faster than you think!  The PLAR process for mature students involves the following procedures:

1. Grade 9 or 10 equivalency:
• Students participate in an individual assessment consisting of four
subject based assessments, as needed, for the purpose of granting
Grade 9 or 10 credits.
• Up to 16 Grade 9 and 10 credits may be granted through the Grade 9
and/or 10 equivalency process, at the discretion of the principal,
following an individual assessment.
• There is no challenge process for Grade 9 and 10 credits.

2. For Grade 11 or 12 credits:
• Through the equivalency process, students participate in an evaluation
of their credentials, other appropriate documentation and evidence
from jurisdictions within and outside Ontario for the purpose of granting
• Through the challenge process, students' prior learning is evaluated
using assessments for the purpose of granting credit.
• Up to 10 Grade 11 and 12 credits may be granted through either the
equivalency and/or challenge process combined.